Stronghold Crusader 2 Will Let 8 Armies Compete At Once

Firefly Studio has released a new trailer for Stronghold Crusader 2, which showcases all the amazing things that we have come to love in the game.

The chaos will continue with this game as well, as you go against eight armies at once in a competitive multiplayer or Co-op mode. The Skirmish mode obviously will also be in the game.

Talking about the game, developer said:

It simply wouldn’t be a Crusader game without a skirmish mode and the kind of replayability that offers. This is what we intended to deliver from day one and it’s fundamental to the game’s design.

Stronghold series has been going strong every day. The game is one of the most played games of the last decade. Let’s just hope that the sequel to a great game would live up to its hype.

It’s the first of the Crusaders game to get the 3D graphics engine, but it will stay true to the roots of the previous 2D titles. Moreover, the devs will add new AI opponents, and you will not be safe anywhere; a locust swarm can take you by surprise anytime.

The co-op feature will let two players control the same castle, where they will share their resources and soldiers to come out victorious from the battlefield. The single player campaign will feature both the Crusader and Arabic historical wars during that time.

Stronghold 2 is scheduled to release sometime this summer exclusively for Windows PC.