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Guild Wars 2 Update to Bring Gear Unification, PvP Reward Track & More

The latest update of Guild Wars 2 which is scheduled to release on 15th of April is going to bring some huge changes to the game. As the time for update comes closer the developers spill some new information on the changes.

This week on ArenaNet blog post, the devs announce that your look in the PvP will no longer change.

You look will now be depending on your appearance in PvE and WvW. However, only your look will be affected by your PvE but stats will not do anything to your PvP experience.

Moreover, now the players will have the ability to keep track of their progress and rewards:

A Reward Track is a set of rewards that you earn by playing PvP. Each track has rewards at certain intervals: some that you can earn in a just couple of matches, bigger rewards that you can earn in a play session, and a really sweet end prize that you can earn in a few play session.

Also, the developer mentioned how they will be handling the Legendaries in the upcoming update of the Guild Wars 2:

With Reward Tracks, we now have a platform for PvP players to earn the components they need for their legendaries. Dungeon tracks will have dungeon tokens.

Other earnable components include skill points, Obsidian Shards, high-end crafting materials, and Mystic Clovers.  There are even chances to find precursors in chests you earn.

In fact, with these items and the gold that you earn from PvP rewards, you’ll be able to play PvP to gather almost everything you need to craft a legendary!

The Gifts of Battle and Exploration will still require Badges of Honor and map completion.

There are a lot more that is going to be changed in the upcoming update. For full details on the update, check out the game’s official website.

Which change are you looking forward to in the upcoming major update of Guild Wars 2? Let us know!