Expect an Army of Huge Franchises at E3 2014, Says Xbox Boss

The recent days have been filled with rather negative news, especially when it comes to development studios that have been closing down or laying off staff members.

Microsoft, on the contrary, doesn’t think there is something to fear. In fact, the Xbox Boss Phil Spencer says we should expect an ‘army of huge franchises’ at E3 2014.

Recently, we reported the closure of Irrational Games, the developer behind BioShock along with SuperBot, the creator of PlayStation All Stars.

Moreover, there were numerous layoffs at Sony Santa Monica while the developers of Driveclub, Playroom and Killzone Mercenary lost their jobs as well.

While talking about all the negativity that these layoffs and closures have spread in relation to the future game development projects, Phil Spencer said that the events didn’t depict the actual state of the industry and that the big guns are going to bring a lot more at E3 2014:

I don’t think it’s a reflection of the vibrancy of the industry. If you look at attach rate on the consoles right now, people investing in the great new AAA IP, it’s great. I think at this year’s E3 between us and EA and Activision, Sony, and Nintendo, you’re going to see another army of huge franchises coming.

According to him, the trimming of the company sizes actually reflects the sizes and scopes of the AAA titles of today instead of troubled times. He insists that it is normal for companies to downsize when staff is not needed and staff up again when they are working on games with bigger budgets.

What are you expecting from E3 2014?