Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Adventure Mode Items Farming Guide

Since the launch of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, many a players have been trying to farm Legendary Items. However, some people tend to make some minor mistakes when going for farming these items.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Adventure Mode Items Farming

This guide has been compiled to provide you some tips which will make your farming more efficient and rewarding. I would encourage you to share your own tips and correct me if you find any mistakes.

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Don’t Go to Torment Hastly
Once you get to Level 70, keep on playing on Normal until you get the necessary items to facilitate you in Torment difficulties. Since Torment provides Torment Only Legendary Items, many a players jump to it without acquiring the gear required to sustain that difficulty. You need to make sure that you have enough DPS and Toughness to survive Torment difficulty.

Checking the World Map
Before you jump in to start your bounty within an act, always remember to check your world map. This is due to the fact that some of the bounties tend to get even harder on certain difficulties. If you come across a bounty which is hard for you, change the difficulty or recreate the game for new bounties.

With Reaper of Souls, the feature of teleportation to any player in a party or to any waypoint has been introduced. The teleportation in a town is within an instant whereas; teleporting outside the town takes some time.

Town Portal can be used to save your location (via Town Portal) before way pointing to a friend and then waypoint back to town (without using Town Portal) so as to take your town portal back to your location. This thing is extremely useful if you are taking a bounty and want to take part in a friend’s activity without losing your progress.

Gambling Blood Shards
When you are trying to farm Legendaries, you need to take Gambling Blood Shards into consideration. The chances are very low but they do exist.

For this purpose, people recommend completing bounties in the two Bonus Acts of each game. The Bonus Acts tend to provide you with double Blood Shards on Expert difficulty and even more on higher difficulties.

Horadric Caches
When it comes to Horadric Caches, you can join a friend’s game once they have completed 5 bounties in an act and ask them to turn in the quest reward to Tyrael and everyone will get the Horadric Cache.

Movement Skills and Speed
During farming, another thing which should not go unnoticed is movement. While you are trying to farm Legendary Items, you need to have a +25% movement speed. Maximum Movement Speed % can be obtained by spending in 50 Paragon Points into movement.

In addition to this, take Movement Skills into consideration. Each class in the game has some specific Movement Skills which can be used to make farming much more efficient. However, do not compensate Damage Skills for Movement Skills.

Taking Out Rift Guardians
Lastly, Rifts tend to provide players with random rewards ranging from White Ascends to Legendary Items. While playing a Rift, you need to make sure that you pay heed to Purple Named Monsters and Rift Guardians than individual common enemies.

The best way to spawn a Rift Guardian is by effective use of AOE Spells and Movement Spells. Keep on hounding the area until you come across a group of mobs and destroy the whole cluster.

Don’t waste your time in taking out the individual mobs. Destroy a group using AOE Spells and move on to the next group. In this way, you will also get Blood Shards which can be used in gambling.

Share your own tips and farming strategies with us in the comments below!