Company of Heroes 2: Western Front Armies Coming out in June

Relic Entertainment who are the developers of Company of Heroes 2, the real time strategy game that countless of us love has announced that the game will get a standalone multiplayer mode. Company of Heroes 2: Western Front Armies will focus on the western front as the name suggests and comes out in June this year.

There will be a total of eight new maps set on the western front where new sets of infantry, team weapons, vehicles abilities and upgrades will be added to the game. This comes in addition to two new armies being US Forces and the German Oberkommando West.

Greg Wilson who is the executive producer at Relic Entertainment has expressed his understanding of the anticipation that fans have for a Western Front focused content. He said that they will be bring forth new tactical options while expanding the multiplayer:

We know how much fans love the setting of the original game and we have responded to their request to revisit the Western Front.

By offering Western Front focused content to Company of Heroes 2, we are giving players a brand new set of tactical options that significantly expand their multiplayer experience.

At the same time, it has never been easier for new players to get access to our vast multiplayer community.

Company of Heroes 2: Western Front Armies will be priced at $19.99 where players will be able to purchase individual armies for a price of $12.99 each. Watch out for June, folks!