Topware Interactive’s Raven’s Cry Slated for October 14 Release

Raven’s Cry, the Open World Pirate Adventure title by Topware Interactive has been given a October 14 release date.

Set in the Caribbean, the player takes control of Christopher Raven in his quest for vengeance against the Pirates who slaughtered his family and destroyed his village.

Raven’s journey takes him from the pirate holdfast of Port Royal to the elegant avenues of Havana and even to a lost Aztec City deep in the jungles. The Main Storyline is said to be 25 hours long.

The game will feature Naval Combat along with tactical melee combat with historical, authentic weapons used during the 17th Century. The player’s choices will affect he outcome of the story and depending on the player’s decisions, he will either become a righteous seeker going out of his way to help people or renegade justice willing to overlook the plight of the innocent or a man without conscience who does everything in his power to reach his goals, even if it means becoming a blood thirsty monster himself.

Raven can also learn 25 special abilities like Fear Power, Voodoo Charms to overpower his foes. Ravens Cry will be available on October 14 for the PC and Xbox 360.