Prison Architect Alpha 19 Changes Finance Model

Long-lasting indie game, Prison Architect, has released its Alpha 19 version to its users, which alters the financial model considerably. Previously, the PC game had a rigid system that only offered a payout at midnight.

Now, finances will be paid on an hourly rate. Moreover, cashflow becomes visible at all times, instead of needing an accountant to do so. Alternatively, the accountant will now be used to lower taxes.

Prison Architect now requires a payment of 30% in taxes in-game. With someone managing the finances, this will be reduced to 15%.

Starting balance to start constructing your prison has been raised from $10,000 to $30,000. Federal grants are increased from $1500 to $3000, with more cash received from maximum security prisoners. There are also a lot more grants to complete now, set up into different tiers.

A cash bonus is given out to any prison architect that can go days without incident. This incentive starts with $1000 and goes up with $1000 each day for ten days, before it caps out at $10,000.

It’s not also possible to borrow loads of money from banks. Naturally, this means you’ll need to pay interests.

Prison Architect also goes public in-game, making it possible to sell shares to private investors. It’s possible to sell up to 50% of your prison.

To accommodate the new system, there is now an Exports room added to the structures, where produced goods are shipped from trucks. Other adaptations include room temperature balancing, sentences take much longer to complete and Workshop Safety Induction can now be taught to up to 10 inmates.