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Previous Sony Layoffs Lead to New Hiring at SCEA

Sony layoffs have been the headlines at multiple news sources in the recent days. However, it looks like something new is brewing at Sony Computer Entertainment of America now. The company is currently hiring for their Human Resource department.

Could this be followed by a new streak of job opportunities?

Here’s what the story is; two job openings have been sighted at the PlayStation US website, one is for a Recruiter and the other is for a Recruiting Coordinator. Among the job responsibilities, they have mentioned that the latter will:

Oversee candidate selection process, produce offer letters, and manage offer process flow through employee on boarding. Answer general recruiting questions for candidates and new hires. Develops and administers staffing/employment/recruiting programs. Works with hiring manager to document requirements of job openings as required opening requisition(s).

Job description for Recruiter also has responsibilities like developing recruitment programs, pre-screening of resumes as well as others like documenting interviewing process.

The back story of this, as speculated by various people everywhere, is that the company was thinning down the employee base owing to a troubled financial position. For instance, quite a hue and cry was raised when Amy Hennig left, or when Justin Richmond did and lastly when Stig Asmussen’s project was canned.

One of the opinion given on this by industry insider Pete Dodd was that if you look into each one of the separate cases there has been a different reason for each and that people have been ‘connecting dots where they don’t need to be connected.’

Here’s an excerpt from his post on NeoGAF:

Of course. Sony Corporation is not in a great spot. So they are tightening up a bit. But a lot of people are connecting dots that don’t need to be connected. Hennig/Richmond is about creative differences and ego. Stig is about wasted money and time. Col Rogers (driveclub) is about failing to deliver. Taken on their own they all make sense. Combine them together and you get glenn beck with a chalkboard.

And Jack Tretton was about money and inability to move up. He will make more money and have more power somewhere else – something Sony simply could not offer him. Shit happens.

So what do you think about this? Could it be that Sony is actually going through a usual process of hiring and firing or is something really serious going on which has come out in the shape of Sony layoffs?