Meet Nvidia’s Latest GPU Architecture “Pascal” – The Future is Powerful

Nvidia has revealed Pascal GPU architecture at this week’s GPU Technology Conference. Nvidia said that, currently players are facing memory bandwidth problem with their graphics card.

Nvidia is going to introduce two new technologies with Pascal. First one is “NV Link” which will boost your PCIe speed by 5 to 12 times and will increase the coordination between the GPU and CPU.

Pascal GPU will give the CPU access to its memory through with almost 80 GB p/s. Now this is a lot faster than the current rate of 16GB per second.

Second technology is the 3D memory which is an amassed DRAM that will take you from 100s of bits to 1000s of bits on memory interface. The best part is that it’s very energy efficient with capability of 2.5 the memory capacity from the Maxwell.

Moreover, Pascal will give you almost 5X more bandwidth which will be very helpful to the professionals, developers and the gamers.

You will have to hold on to your current systems for now though, as Nvidia has given a timeline for the release of Pascal and it will not arrive before the year 2016.

What do you think of the newest addition in the GPU market? Are you excited about Pascal?