Michael Abrash Leaves Valve for Oculus

Following the news of Facebook acquiring Oculus VR for $2 billion, Valve’s now former VR specialist Michael Abrash has jumped ship to join the Rift headset company as its chief scientist.

While much of the web has been against Oculus’ acquisition by Facebook, Abrash is greatly in favor of the buyout because the company now has plenty of funds to further improve its hardware.

In a introductory statement posted on his blog, he reminded everyone about how he has always believed that a good investment from some company would prove to be great for the VR industry. Hence, he has his thanks to give to Facebook for being that someone.

“Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus means that VR is going to happen in all its glory,” he said. “The resources and long-term commitment that Facebook brings gives Oculus the runway it needs to solve the hard problems of VR – and some of them are hard indeed. I now fully expect to spend the rest of my career pushing VR as far ahead as I can.”

Abrash concluded his introductory post with the grandiose claim “We’re on the cusp of what I think is not The Next Big Platform, but rather simply The Final Platform – the platform to end all platforms.”

Oculus now has a total of three developers who previous had been working for Valve on its VR project. Alongside Abrash, there is Atman Binstock who joined Oculus earlier this month and Tom Forsyth who umped aboard last May.

Source Oculus