Insurgency Launches Large Molotov Spring Update For Free

Popular multiplayer shooter Insurgency has launched its first major content update on Steam. This operation is called Molotov Spring and is released to users completely free.

There are two new maps included in the novelties. One is called Buhriz and the other is Revolt.

A lot of weapons also receive some new gizmos, topped off by the arrival of a new FN FAL gun. New optics and suppressors are available for the Mosin and M-401. Other upgrades are a 2x Aimpoint, an Elcan 3.4x Scope and wooden foregrips for AKM/AKS.

Since the Insurgency batch isn’t called Molotov Spring for nothing, you will be able to find the titular, flammable throwing item in the game, as well as an ANM-14 incendiary grenade.

Most importantly, Insurgency receives four new game modes. We’ll list these below:

  • Infiltrate: A version of Capture the Flag with intel. Reinforcements are based on either obtaining the intel or shooting down the carrier from the opposing team.
  • Flashpoint: Control point mode with a twist. There’s only one capture area in the middle of the map, supported with two weapon caches. Taking the point or destroying caches will yield reinforcements.
  • Occupy: King of the hill in waves. Controlling the map stops reinforcement waves from depleting.
  • Vendetta: Game mode with a leader that can capture points. This is a single life round.

Alongside the new modes, cooperative missions have new objectives for each map. Artificial intelligence (AI) has received an update for co-op and offline mode as well.

Matchmaking categories now include the ability to pinpoint single life rounds or “adversarial’ reinforcements.

Developer New World Interactive plans more content to be released free of charge later on. Game director Jeremy Blum stated:

These major content updates are a win-win for our community and our team. We get to see the game improve as it gets closer to our ‘full’ vision while the community gets new gameplay on a semi-regular basis.

Various other Insurgency tweaks can be found in the full release list.