H-Hour: World’s Elite Shows Up on Steam Greenlight

The Spiritual Successor to SOCOM, “H-Hour: World’s Elite” has appeared on Steam Greenlight for the voting. The game first appeared on Kickstarter last year where it achieved its goal of $200,000 by receiving 252,622.

In an interview with Polygon earlier this year, the developer David Sears said that the game’s maps and mechanics are inspired by real world tactics which is an element that worked really well for the SOCOM franchise.

The developers are keen to share the beta keys with the users, if certain criteria of their campaign is met. Studio has promised that they will be posting three keys for each of their milestones but still hasn’t said a word on what these milestones will be.

The Steam Greenlight page of the game shows multiple videos and screenshots of the game to peak your interest. The game will be a tactical, team-based shooter. The players will have the option to switch from the first person to the third person perspective to get better situational awareness.

H-Hour: World’s Elite as mentioned above is inspired by real life events and all the environments and situations will be the depiction of a real world events. The game currently supports 8 vs. 8 matches only, but is working on to increase that number in the future.

At launch, the game will be multi-player only with single player campaign to be added as a DLC after a few months of release.

H-Hour: World’s Elite is scheduled to release fully sometime in 2015 for PC and PlayStation 4.