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The Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Content Has Seven Types, PvP Campaigns Shared As Well

The Elder Scrolls Online hits PC on April 4 while PS4 and Xbox One versions follow in June. However, the early access starts this weekend and you will be charged up to know what is in store for you.

ZeniMax has detailed the PvP Campaigns as well as announced that there will be a long list of veteran content for people who have hit the level cap.

The level cap has been set at 50 which, in many cases, would have resulted in people asking for more to play with. In order to make sure that you don’t get bored with the game after you have reached the highest level, there are going to be seven different types of veteran content.

There’s going to be Solo or Duo PvP, Small Group PvP, Large Group PvP, Solo or Duo PvE, Four Person Group PvE, Twelve Person PvE and Carglorn – adventure zone.

The last one of these, Carglorn is going to be the first adventure zone of the game which is located somewhere in the middle of Cyrodill and Hammerfell. Its content has been built for a team of four and the story will involve everyone from Warrior, Thief, Mage and Serpent.

Moreover, ZeniMax Online Studios has listed ten different kinds of PvP Campaigns that will be available at launch in the European and North American regions. Check them out below and pre-plan your endeavors for the Early Access if you have pre-ordered the game:

  • Bloodthorn
  • Scourge
  • Chrysamere
  • Auriel’s Bow
  • Wabbajack
  • Volendrung
  • Skull Crusher
  • Dawnbreaker
  • Goldbrand
  • Hopesfire

The Elder Scrolls Online early access begins this weekend for people who have preordered the game; this comes along with the Explorer’s Pack. Are you pumped?