DayZ has Sold 1.7 Million Copies; Roadmap Revealed For the Year

Dean Hall, creator of the popular survival mod DayZ, has revealed that the game has already sold 1.7 million copies while in Alpha. Furthermore, the original Arma 2 mod has been downloaded more than 2 million times.

Hall revealed the figures during a developer session at EGX Rezzed 2014 today, once again affirming the sheer popularity of DayZ. He also revealed that Bohemia has acquired Slovakia-based Cauldron Studios as a new development team. The 25-person team now works only on DayZ under the flag of Bohemia Slovakia.

The rest of his talk included a reminder of Bohemia’s roadmap of updates they plan to bring to DayZ for the rest of the year. The next update is intended for a release by the end of April, which will feature a new method to allow loot to respawn within a server. It will also include fireplaces for cooking that can be upgraded to ovens for baking bread and a crossbow.

Options for server admins to accelerate time (up to 64x faster than real-time) and throwable items – anything that can be held – will also be added.

Following that update will see to the addition of a new pistol, ragdoll physics and improved AI pathfinding. A release date or time frame for this patch was not mentioned.

Currently Bohemia is also working on a 64-bit version of the game that will allow the servers to use more memory, and will also help in the integration of new physics and AI.

Animals for hunting will arrive further down the line. There will be six new types in total, as well as advanced weather effects such as snow and fog.

Finally in the third quarter of the year, DayZ will receive AK47s, as well as more animal types. Bohemia intends to further tweak zombie behavior by then to improve the existing aggro system.

The inclusion of modding support, Steam Workshop integration and achievements was also mentioned. A horticulture system for planting and harvesting crops is also in the works, although may appear sooner.

The final update for the year will see to the addition of full-sized cars, trucks, planes, helicopters and boats.

via Eurogamer