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Cut the Rope 2 Android Version is Free on Google Play

If you have not had the best time of your mobile gaming life with Cut the Rope; the game’s sequel has arrived on Android devices to make sure you spend an extra couple of hours on that smartphone of yours each day. The iOS version of the game had been released back in December but Cut the Rope 2 Android version has made it to the store today.

What’s more, the game is now available for free download!

Misha Lyalin the CEO of ZeptoLab said that the developer understands the eagerness that Android users have had for the game ever since it arrived on iOS:

Our Android fans have been eagerly awaiting Cut the Rope 2 since the iOS game first became available in December. We have been working hard to bring new content and challenges to this free version, while maintaining the all of the fun and simplicity that made Cut the Rope 2 great as a paid game.

Moreover, the developer ZeptoLab has also announced that ever since the original Cut the Rope was released, the series has managed to pull off half a billion downloads! This includes all the platforms that the game has been released to and the download figures of Cut the Rope 2 as well.

Did you play Cut the Rope 2? How did you like it compared to the original game? Voice your opinion below. Also, if you haven’t played it yet, you better get it while the game is still free.