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Company of Heroes 2 Standalone DLC ‘The Western Front Armies’ Announced

Company of Heroes 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed WW2 RTS title Company Of Heroes, is getting a new standalone multiplayer DLC that offers 8 new maps and 2 new factions: The US Forces and the German Oberkommando West.

Dubbed Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies, the DLC allows the players to buy either faction separately or as a bundle. According to Executive Producer Greg Wilson; Each army offers unique units, abilities, upgrades, tactical and strategic elements.

Interestingly, The DLC wont require the player to own Company of Heroes 2 to play it. Wilson said this is a new entry point for the series, the player can either play against the AI or play in a Co-OP vs AI match as well as play PVP modes with players who own Company of Heroes 2.

“The unique thing is that you’re actually going to be able to play against existing COH2 content.”

“So if you buy the US forces, say, you’ll be able to drop into the automatch pool and play against the Eastern Front armies potentially on an Eastern Front map.

Equally, if you own the original COH2 and you haven’t had the chance to pick up any of the Western Front content and you drop into automatch, you’ll actually have the opportunity to be matched up with somebody who’s on the same side of the war that you are, but potentially on another map. So if you don’t own the US and you’re playing as the Soviets, you could potentially be teamed up with the US and playing on a Western Front map.”

Each Faction costs 12.99$, with the bundle costing 19.99$ in the US. The UK prices are yet to be announced. Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies will release in June.