World of Warplanes Latest Trailer Details Aircraft Specifications

The developer of World of Warplanes has released the fifth tutorial video for their F2P aircraft MMO title.

The latest video showcase five main specifications of an airplane: Firepower, Airspeed, Maneuverability, Durability and Altitude Performance.

All of the aforementioned characteristics are assigned a number, “more the better”. All aircrafts will have their own specifications. Strength of one airplane could be another one’s weakness. You will have to select the best possible Aircraft that suits your play style in the game.

Every single specification is extremely important for your survival in the game. As you dig deep in to the game, you will become more competitive and have more sense of what specification that are required to be successful.

Moreover, the trailer provides comparison between multiple aircrafts and to give the players a sense of how a few minor differences in specifications can result in life or death of the player.

The five main specifications are not the end though. Every Aircraft will have its own “specific features” as well, which will actually decide how competitive an aircraft is in the battle.

World of Warplanes feature 15 vs. 15 PvP combat. The first team to destroy all the enemy aircrafts is victorious. There is a mode for the new players to game as well which is called Training Mode and it introduces you to some of the basics of the game.

World of Warplanes was released last November and is Free-to-play for everyone who wants to join in. Check out the game’s official Website for more details.

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