WildStar PvP Features Detailed in New AMA by Developers

Carbine Studios’ MMO WildStar is going to release in a couple of months and since the game’s development is coming closer to completion, they have been releasing new information about it on regular basis. This time around an AMA session was held to discuss the WildStar PvP features.

Three members of the development team namely the PvP systems lead Jen Gordy, PvP systems designer Kevin Lee and itemization designer Jeff Tallon took to Reddit and answered a long list of questions raised by the fans. Although quite a lot of the areas were touched by the developers, here are a couple of important points.

In response to a question where they were asked if there would be incentives in place to encourage participation in large scale WPvP. Their reply highlighted their approach towards the open world PvP saying that it hasn’t been emphasized in the game yet. Later updates will improve the feature though:

We intentionally did not place much emphasis on open world PvP since we wanted to find where players naturally gravitated and what PvE content encouraged fighting. Post launch, we’ll take this knowledge to potentially enhance these areas.

Moreover, they also shed light on how the gear progression is going to work in the WildStar PvP. Here’s the detailed explanation given by Jeff Tallon:

When you reach level 50, there is a Dungeon-quality Blue set for each class (faction specific) that you can purchase right away with our PvP currency, Prestige. The next tier of PvP gear is a Veteran-quality Epic set for each class (also faction specific), you will need both Prestige and personal Rating in either Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas (any bracket), or Warplots. The final tier of PvP gear is a Raid-quality Epic set (again, for each class/faction specific), you will need both Prestige and a high personal Rating in either Rated Arenas or Warplots.

As the complete Ask me Anything session was regarding WildStar PvP and it was quite lengthy, there is a lot more that you might find out about the game. Check it out here and let us know what you think of the game.