Slasher Game Hellraid Shows Skeleton AI In Gameplay Clip

First-person brawler Hellraid has released a new video detailing some of the artificial intelligence (AI) of its enemies. In addition, the clip shows off the framework used by motion capture sessions.

Gameplay is kept focused on the game’s most basic enemy, the skeleton. In groups, these undead can come up with a few ways to outsmart players.

Aside from just a straightforward jab, skeletons can also be seen performing a counterattack when struck in the back. If you don’t watch out, you’ll catch a boney backhand when trying to backstab these foes.

Moreover, the AI can adapt to situations and perform a flanking move. When done in groups, this can box players in or corner them in the grim dungeon environments of the game.

Hellraid is all about combat, so having a decent AI will be vital to its success. There are also some blog posts detailing how enemies anticipate behavior, react to their surroundings and so on.

Hellraid is currently in hands of developer Techland. You’ll recognize that name from the Dead Island series.

Originally, this game was a mod built on the Dead Island engine, which is why its combat seems so similar. It has since spawned into its own theme, but it will retain its reliance on cooperative gameplay to truly stand out.

Hellraid will release or PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 somewhere in 2014.