Rainbow 6: Patriots Has Been Redesigned From Ground Up Thrice

It was back in 2011 when we first heard of Rainbow 6: Patriots. Ubisoft announced Patriots originally through a concept trailer way back in 2010.

It was then heard that the tactical shooter will be made for the latest generation of consoles and PC, but sadly, it still doesn’t look like the game is on the top-priority list at the developing studio.

There have been rumors afloat claiming that Rainbow 6: Patriots has been redesigned at least three times from the ground up.

Although it is sure that Ubisoft (Montreal, Red Storm and Toronto) has the game in development, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to where they want to go with the game.

Internet Sleuth Superannuation is the source of the rumor in question who has claimed that the game’s development team has been reworking it so much:

Superannuation has held a pretty strong record in the past with many of his speculation/leaks/rumors actually coming true, but the person is still not an official source and whatever comes out from there should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Since the death of Tom Clancy last year it was expected that this would be the last game bearing his name, but Ubisoft has confirmed that they will continue to honor the writer even in the future games – including this one.

Do you think that after being redesigned for so many times (most probably due to different reasons), Rainbow 6: Patriots will still manage to be what it was originally expected to be?