OlliOlli Developer Roll7 has Announced “Not a Hero” – A 2D Cover-Shooter

Roll7, creators of the addictive 2D Skateboarding PSN title OlliOlli, have unveiled their next project, a 2d cover-shooter named “Not a Hero”. Published by Devolver, who has also published Hotline Miami, Not a Hero will be Roll7’s first game for the PC, with OlliOlli soon to follow.

An Anthromorphic Rabbit from the future named BunnyLord is running for mayor and he needs to combat crime during his election for mayor, he hires Steve to clear the five districts of crime. To do this, Steve can recruit members to join his cause to make the city crime free.

The game will be a mix of Isometric camera and side-on perspective camera angles, dubbed “ISO-Slant” an interesting combination for a 2d game which can turn the game from 2D to 2-1/2D. Players can duck for cover to dodge enemy fire, to balance the game, the enemy will duck in cover as well and charge the player when he is out of ammunition or reloading.

The player can choose characters each with his/her own distinct gameplay style; Marksman, Swordsman, Brawler and more. The missions will be dynamic with random events taking place during or after completing an objective like the Swat Team breaching the building or the Building Security Patrol showing up behind you.

The game will be available for demonstration on the show floor during Rezzed, tomorrow. For now, there is no information of a Console release of the game, but Roll7 is interested in making “Not a Hero” a multiplatform title.

Source: Eurogamer