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Murdered: Soul Suspect Achievements List is Full of Supernatural

Alright so have you been waiting for more on Murdered: Soul Suspect? There’s no where better for getting the inside story out than the list of achievements – that is if you can bear the spoilers. So here it is, the Murdered: Soul Suspect achievements list.

Xbox Achievements has listed 38 achievements along with their gamerscore which ranges between 10 and 20. Other than this, there will be 10 other secret achievements too and their gamescore is going to be 25 each apart from one last achievement that will get you 150!

Here’s a rundown on all the Murdered: Soul Suspect achievements:

  • Collector 1 – Collected an artifact
  • Collector 10 – Collected 10 artifacts
  • Collector 25 – Collected 25 artifacts
  • Collector 50 – Collected 50 artifacts
  • Collector 75 – Collected 75 artifacts
  • Collector 100 – Collected 100 artifacts
  • Collector 150 – Collected 150 artifacts
  • Collector All – Collected all of the artifacts
  • Ronan’s Story – Learned about Ronan’s life
  • Baxter’s Story – Learned about Baxter’s life
  • Rex’s Story – Learned about Rex’s life
  • Cassandra’s Story – Learned about Cassandra’s life
  • Julia’s Story – Learned about Julia’s life
  • The Bell Killer’s Story – Learned about the Bell Killer
  • Salem’s Story – Discovered Salem’s history
  • The Witch Trials – Discovered information about the witch trials
  • Codex – Discovered the meaning of the supernatural graffiti
  • A Watery Grave – Uncovered the Watery Grave ghost story
  • The Bell Tower Banshee – Uncovered the Bell Tower Banshee ghost story
  • The Stalwart Specter – Uncovered the Stalwart Specter ghost story
  • The Heirloom – Uncovered the Heirloom ghost story
  • Man in the Box – Uncovered the Man in the Box ghost story
  • Terror on the Tracks – Uncovered Terror on the Tracks ghost story
  • Ashes to Ashes – Uncovered the Ashes to Ashes ghost story
  • Eternal Flame – Uncovered the Eternal Flame ghost story
  • Discover Remove – Used Remove for the first time
  • Discover Reveal – Used Reveal for the first time
  • Possess the Cat – Possessed the Cat
  • Mindreader – Used Mind Read for the first time
  • Poltergeist – Used Poltergeist for the first time
  • Interrogator – Interrogated a ghost for the first time
  • Exorcist – Defeated a Demon
  • Investigator – Completed the first investigation
  • Teleporter – Teleported for the first time
  • The Missing Body – Helped Ingrid find peace
  • Amnesia – Helped Julie find peace
  • Carnage – Helped Brad find peace
  • Scorned – Helped Katy find peace

Well, if you have read it all the way you must have seen all the spoilery bits, what do you think of the game? Some of the Murdered: Soul Suspect achievements surely sound pretty scary, don’t you think?