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Director of Uncharted 4 Justin Richmond Leaves Naughty Dog for Riot Games

Things just keep getting worse for Uncharted fans. After the departure of Amy Hennig, creative director and writer on the Uncharted series, Justin Richmond also has left Naughty Dog. Speaking to a representative of IGN:

“I have in fact made the decision to leave Naughty Dog,” Richmond told IGN. “I love the company and the people and know that they will continue to create awesome games going forward. On a happier note, after careful consideration and exploration I have joined Riot Games. There is some really innovative stuff going on here that I can’t wait to be a part of.”

Richmond oversaw the multiplayer of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and worked as Game Director on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception after working for Naughty Dog since 2008. Sony had specifically mentioned Both Richmond and Hennig to return for the new Uncharted Title; it is still unclear whether Uncharted on the PS4 is a sequel or a reboot of the series.

But with both Hennig and Richmond’s departure, things don’t look good for the highly anticipated Uncharted 4. Earlier it was claimed that Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, the Creative Director and Game Director of The Last of Us, had forced Hennig to quit Naughty Dog so they could get control over Uncharted (PS4) but Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra, co-presidents of Naughty Dog, said it Druckmann and Straley had played no such part.

But with both Hennig and Richmond out of the way and with ‘The Last of Us’ success, it’s common sense to give them the charge over the project.

Fans wonder if Hennig, also known for her work in The Legacy of Kain series, will return to Crystal Dynamics to work on future Legacy of Kain titles. Only time will tell.