Bound by Flame: New Gameplay Video Revolves Around Combat

Earlier this month we saw just how the crafting system will work in Spider Studio’s new fantasy RPG Bound by Flame. Today we see the game’s combat mechanics put to use against a wide bestiary of monsters.

The latest trailer gives us a look at Two-handed sword action against skeletons and dual-wielded daggers against a Swamp Beast and Bone Golem. Players will not necessarily be bound to one weapon and they can also combine their blade skills with magic to get the job done.

Bound by Flame will be releasing worldwide on May 9 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Focus Home Interactive will be acting as publisher and it’s still not confirmed whether the game will be making its way to the Xbox One or not.

Bound By Flame puts you in the role of a victim of a demonic influence where you’ll have to choose between the evil powers you’ll be offered or rejecting them in favor of developing heroic talents. It’s looking like a fairly well done RPG, with flavors taken from popular franchises like Diablo and Dark Souls.