Battlefield 4 Yeti Discovered, More Easter Egg Hints Surface as well

DICE has been known for their Easter Eggs and Battlefield 4 is no different in that matter. You might think that you have found everything in the game that was hidden by the developer but these two new videos suggest that is not the case. First off, a Yeti has been found and secondly more hints have been seen about what could be another Easter Egg.

In the video above, you will be able to see a player going to the top of a mountain on a vehicle. He stops close to a rock and aims his gun to the top of a mountain to the left. When he shoots, we can hear the Yeti dying with what sounds like a very painful scream.

The second video, below, shows off multiple places that have multiple things; these could be anything, nothing or actually new Phantom Program hints. The guys shows us a shark in the water first, and then he goes on to show a camera somewhere in a place. If you keep aiming at the camera you can hear sounds that feel like someone is asking you to stay away.

The camera is perched atop a locked door.

Somewhere close by, is a room with lockers that has a name and a year written on it which reads ‘kevinsimpson1942,’ if you search it in relation to Battlefield 4 you will find this page. Check out the lines written on it, do you think this could mean anything for the future of Easter Eggs in Battlefield 4?

There’s also an actual website with the same domain i.e. There is nothing on it but a weird picture that might be giving at least three clues – or nothing.

Check them out yourself and tell us what you think about the new findings in Battlefield 4?