Amazon to Reveal its Set-Top Box Next Week

Amazon has sent out invites for an exclusive event that promises to offer an update for their “video business.” The event is going to take place in New York on 11:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 and will probably see to the online retailer revealing its long rumored set-top box for the living room.

For a some time now Amazon has been rumored to be working on their own version of a set-top box that will compete with the likes of Apple TV and other popular streaming boxes. According to rumors, Amazon’s device will run on Android and will also be able to play games. Think of it as a cross between the Ouya and a streaming box.

It’s unsure as to which Android version the device will be running. A recent rumor suggested that it will be based on a “forked” version similar to their Kindle tablets. This means that consumers will not be able to access the Google Play store or other Google apps. Amazon probably intends to link it with their own store, something the company has been said to be looking forward to for some time.

According to rumors, the device has been delayed multiple times. At one time the company hoped to have the product ready in time for the all-important holiday season, but it missed that date entirely. We’ll know for sure what its been cooking when the event happens next week.

via The Verge