Xbox One Reputation System: Rewards for Good Players, Penalties for Bad Players

Last year Michael Dunn, Program Manager on Xbox Live, introduced “Player Reputation” on Xbox Live. An algorithm that ranks players as either Good or Bad depending on their behavior during online gaming.

The feature works by marking player’s gamercard based on his/her number of compliments or complaints lodged by other players. The player’s gamercard will be marked as follows:

  • Green: Good Player
  • Yellow: Needs Improvement
  • Red: Avoid Me/Bad Player.

Players will get notifications when they are marked Yellow, only if they continue their toxic behavior despite multiple warnings will they be marked as Red. Being an online gamer myself, it is obvious that people will abuse features like this and that players barely give positive reviews but go out of their way to give negative reviews.

Sometimes, people not even present in the game show up to report on their friends’ request. Dunn explained that the Reputation algorithm will not mark a player as negative based on a single user’s report, it will look at a variety of factors before marking the player; the people involved in the game, the reputation of the reported as well as the reporting player.

Today Dunn announced “Perks and Penalties” that are awarded to the player based on his/her reputation:

  • Green/Good: Initially all players are marked as Good players, maintaining this reputation will later on yield rewards which are as of yet undecided.
  • Yellow/Needs Improvement: Starting this month, the players whose behavior has not been satisfactory since the launch of Xbox One will start receiving warnings about their reputation.
  • Red/Avoid Me: Players who continue with their toxic behavior in online games after continued warnings will incur penalties which will bar them from using certain features like Twitch broadcasting and will face reduced matchmaking pairings.

The algorithm is also designed to avoid false-reports, it marks a player based on this complete history of online games rather a recent week of bad behavior. More information on the Xbox One Reputation System can be found on the official page.