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Wolfenstein: New Order Release Date Changed to May 20 for NA, Europe and Australia

Bethesda has announced that Europe and Australia will now receive the game on the same day it releases in North America. The release date has been brought forward from May 22nd and May 23rd to May 20th for all the regions.

Wolfenstein: New Order is a ninth installment in the series. The series made its debut in 1981 and it is still going strong.

The game will solely be a single-player experience in a first person perspective. However, there is one big change from the traditional FPS, the game will feature a health section now which can only be replenished with the help of a health pack.

The game will start just three years after the events of the previous title in the series. In an alternate history of 1960, Nazis were victorious in the World War 2 and now have the control over all the super weapons.

The protagonist ‘B.J. Blazkowicz’ has been assigned to taking back the weapons and destroying the whole Nazi control.

If you pre-order Wolfenstein: New Order you will get access to the beta of the upcoming Id Software title ‘Doom’.  The game will be releasing globally on May 20th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Are you excited about destroying Nazi Stronghold in Wolfenstein: New Order? Let us know in your comments!