Pokemon XY: The Mega Evolution Act 1 Trailer Shows 6 Mega Evolved Pokemon

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that a Pokemon special program titled ‘Pokemon XY: The Mega Evolution Act 1’ will be shown in Japan next week.

The animated show will tell the story of a trainer ‘Alan’ as he journeys through the world of Kalos. On his travel, he will encounter all of the Mega Evolved Pokémon and will try to defeat every single one of them.

Pokémon XY: The Mega Evolution Act 1 is scheduled to be shown on Tokyo TV on 3rd April. It will be a 30 minutes show, starting from 7 pm to 7:30 pm.

The trailer above shows six of the Mega-Evolved Pokemon namely Mega Venasaur, Charizard, Aggron, Absol, Garchomp and Blastoise.

The TV adaptation should not come as a surprise to anyone as The Pokemon is one of the most popular and most played video game ever made. The fan following for the game is increasing continually even to this day.

It is good for the players as well as they get to watch their favorite Pokemon go head to head with each other. What do you think of this TV adaptation of one of the most popular games ever made?

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