Microsoft Releases Multiple Apps for Xbox One & Xbox 360

Today, Microsoft released multiple Entertainment apps for Xbox One and Xbox 360. One of the major app released was the Major League Gaming but sadly, it is only available for Xbox 360.

The MLG app will give you the access to all the shows from the MLG.TV which is the app’s streaming service. Also, you will have the option to get daily coverage of e-sports or multiple tournaments and streams from all the partners.

In addition to MLG, Xbox 360 received two new apps for streaming movies. One of them is Encore Play and the other is MoviePlex Play. Combined, both of these apps offer a library of over 1,500 movies, including the biggest hit of last year Zero Dark Thirty.

MLB.TV app, which was shown last month, has also been added and it requires subscription for live streaming of baseball games and is only available for the Xbox One.

Moreover, Microsoft will now be supporting Time Warner Cable consumers to the Epix app of Xbox 360. Once you have successfully logged in to the app, you will be able to enjoy the movies available for no further cost until 18th of June.

Microsoft promised that the apps released on Xbox 360 (MLG, Encore Play, MoviePlex Play and Epix) will be made available for the Xbox One in the coming months. Do note that all of the aforementioned apps require you to have a Gold membership on Xbox Live.

Which one of the apps are you looking forward to access on your console? Let us know in your comments!