GTA Online Rooftop Rumble Job Pulled Due To Undisclosed Issue

There are so many jobs available now in GTA Online with Rockstar Games releasing a batch of ten jobs every now and then. One of the most popular jobs called ‘Rooftop Rumble’ has been pulled by the developer due to an undisclosed issue.

In a Q and A, the developer said:

We are currently working on fixing an issue with Rooftop Rumble, and expect it to be available again within the next week. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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Although Rockstar Games didn’t mention any issue but MP1st thinks that it has to do something with the glitch in the video above.

Rockstar Games is a very dedicated developer and wants the best for their fans.

Despite bringing a very buggy online experience, developers at the studio have worked their socks off to bring in new stuff and fix the major issues faced by the players.

GTA V was one of the biggest releases of last year and broke the record of most sales by a video game in just three days.

Now that Rooftop Rumble is gone? Which jobs are you going to play to get the money? Let us know in your comments!