Enemy Front Slated for June 10 Release After a 3 Year Development Period

First announced in 2011, The Cryengine based WWII shooter Enemy Front is scheduled to release on the second week of June for the PS3, 360 and PC.

When asked why the game is skipping Xbox One and PS4, Executive produver Steve Hard explained that the game had a fairly long development cycle which started long before the development of the new consoles started. Additionally, he pointed that Xbox 360 and PS3 has a much bigger install base and a community looking forward to the title.

The game follows Robert Hawkins, a war correspondent who joins the Resistance to fight Nazi oppression. The game takes place as his flashbacks of the missions which are based on real historical events. New information was made available on the official site, some of which is shared below:

  • Breathtaking visuals, highly dynamic environments, and spectacular blockbuster action across many iconic Resistance operations of WW2.
  • Deep Resistance Fighter gameplay blends fast-paced FPS action with thrilling stealth, sniping, and clandestine operations in the first true sandbox WW2 game.
  • Full arsenal of WW2 weaponry across all categories of hand-guns, SMGs, and rifles, as well as signature Resistance weapons including the Sten gun, Welrod Silenced Pistol, and Lightning SMG.
  • Introducing franchise protagonist Roy Hawkins, American war correspondent turned hero of the Resistance, and a memorable cast of Resistance leaders in France, Norway, and Warsaw.