Demo For Colorful ‘Deadwood’ Zombie Survival Out Now

After a few other iterations, independent developer Steamroller Studios released a new prototype build for PC game Deadwood. It’s a switch between resource gathering and zombie survival.

In Deadwood, you’re tasked with finding wood during its day cycle. By using those materials, you can set up a perimeter in the forest environment, additionally strengthened with mines.

At night, you’ll be dealing with a swarm of wooden zombies coming for you. You’ll need to keep your distance and blast your enemies away.

Action is seen from a top-down perspective and controls follow a twin-stick shooter design. It’s a little like the popular survival game Don’t Starve, mixed with Deadly 30.

One of the differences is that the cute title is a bit more colorful than a traditionally bleak survival game. Especially during the day, you’ll notice the vibrant forest locations.

As an extra nod to the twin-stick genre, the prototype is already accessible for controller support. We’ll list both the controller and keyboard mapping below:

Xbox 360 Controller: 

  • Move: Left Stick
  • Aim: Right Stick
  • Shoot: Right Trigger
  • Switch Weapons: D-Pad Up and Down
  • Switch Defenses: D-Pad Left and Right
  • Repair: A Button
  • Breakdown: B Button
  • Reload: X Button
  • Rotate Camera: Bumpers
  • Pause: Start


  • Move: WASD Keys
  • Aim: Mouse Right Click
  • Shoot: Mouse Left Click
  • Switch Weapons: Tab Key
  • Switch Defenses: Left Shift Key
  • Repair: F Key
  • Breakdown: B Key
  • Reload: R Key
  • Rotate Camera: Q and E Keys
  • Pause: Esc Key

Downloading Deadwood will require 229MB of space.

Steamroler Studios is a three-man team, assisted by two other composers. One of them was responsible for sound design in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.