Xbox One Might Get Family Sharing and Game Gifting, in the Future

Xbox One may well be on the road to follow Steam’s footsteps.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer, in an interview with Gamespot from the Game Developer Conference 2014 last week, stated that Digital will be the main focus with Xbox One.

Whilst Microsoft will maintain business with traditional retailers, Digital will be the key player to attract gamers and game developers to Xbox One.

Spencer talked about “Family Sharing” which allowed people to share their games with friends. A feature that was cancelled alongside other controversial policies that turned many gamers away from Xbox one. Later on, Steam introduced their own Family Sharing plan which allowed gamers to share their games with 10 others.

Gamers could save their progress on the cloud as well as earn their own achievements. Spencer made it clear that Microsoft is reconsidering bringing some of the cancelled digital initiatives back to Xbox One, namely Family Sharing and the ability to gift games; a feature exclusive to Steam at the moment.

He claimed that they were not completely wrong when they explained how some of the digital initiatives worked but that they could’ve presented it better. Speaking at SXSW this month, Spencer defended himself by saying it’s better to be honest rather than sugar coat one’s words to the consumer if something he/she will invest money in doesn’t sound in his/her best interests.