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Titanfall Outpost 207 Map Tips and Strategy Guide

The modern outpost built to protect a massive shipyard for the IMC was once doing what it was meant to, until it itself became the battleground for its builders and the opposing Militia. This is a small map with busy grounds and buildings, and offers an impressive variety of fighting options despite its comparatively compact size.

This guide will help you understand some of the essentials in the map for various game modes. But first, let’s understand the layout of the map in a quick overview.

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Titanfall Outpost 207 Map Tips

This is geographically one of the smallest maps in the game. The map’s primary fighting and movement occurs around the perimeter regions, which are a set of connected buildings.

The most conspicuous part of the map is the massive Cannon in the northern region. To its west is a Turret Control, along with a Cannon Control Building just south of the Turret.

The central west region of the map is the Factory building, which along with the elevated regions of the Turret and Cannon create a massive unison structure that embraces the center of the map.

This unison structure further extends to the central east regions of the map, housing the large Observatory. The south of the map hosts a lone large platform, connected via a Bridge to the center of the map.

There are two main buildings in the center of the map: the Delivery building and the Armory. North of these two buildings you’ll find gorged structure.

The IMC will start off near the Factory, while the Militia will be deployed just behind the Observatory.

If you have some adept long-ranged shooters, you can immediately make an impact by quickly going around the Observatory and aiming at the opposite end of the map (towards the Factory). Chances are you’ll come across a ziplining enemy who is looking to make way to the Turret.

The density of the minion fighting will largely remain near and around the gorge area in the center of the map. Utilize the somewhat exposed region by shooting from the Factory Building and/or the Observatory.

The IMC has a huge advantage as they are fairly close to the Turret, and activating it should be an absolute priority, even if it means swaying away from the battle for a short while.

Although this map is fairly small, Titans will excel if they manage to gain control of the upper regions such as the Turret area and the Observatory. Just make sure that you don’t stroll around too much in the central regions of the map, as a rodeo attack from above is very easy to perform.

If you find yourself falling victim to rodeos, try equipping yourself with the Triple Threat, which will truly intimidate any pilot who thought of jumping on your Titan.

Capture the Flag
Both factions retain the same spawn locations as that in Attrition for Capture the Flag. The IMC’s flag is located in the Factory, whereas the Militia’s is in the Observatory.

The Factory is very easy to defend, as a sniper can go on the roof top along with a carbine-wielder and shoot for the entire round. Because of this reason, the IMC part of the map generally has more advantage as compared to the initial Militia side.

The Observatory flag is somewhat difficult to defend as compared to the enemy flag because it has multiple entrances to it. The best method is to have a sniper up on the Observatory while another defend is near the flag and has Arc Mines places around all the possible entrances to the flag area.

The Cannon building is easily the most important when it comes to CTF, as you can play a central role in both defending and attacking in this position.

Try to have your most skilled players use this in competitive matches, where that specific player can switch focus from defense to offense regularly.

Fighting for this position is certainly worth it, so try to overtake it from enemies whenever possible, even if it means temporarily suspending your assaults on the enemy flag.

Hardpoint Domination
Hardpoint Domination will have the factions spawning at the same locations as those in Attrition and CTF.

Hardpoint A is located within the Cannon building itself, Hardpoint C is in the Factory, while Harpdoint B is located between the Armory and Delivery.

Once again, the team to spawn near the Factory has a slight advantage, as they can split up and rush to A and B quickly.

Controlling hardpoint A is detrimental to the success in this map, as the Cannon Building can be guarded by a couple of Titans who can also aid in assisting the assaulters of the other points from the area.

Having said that, hardpoint A is also the area where a lot of fighting will occur, meaning that you can never stay in one position for too long. Titans are the safest best in this region, since pilots have too much space to work with.

Hardpoint B is a bit difficult to reach, but the team that controls is will actually have a huge chance to be victorious.

Titans cannot access this point, and the narrow corridors that form the internal structure are ideal for those with good aim. Lay down Arc Mines here and ready your shotguns and SMGs for anyone who tries to enter.

If you can manage to get a hold of A and B, the Factory can be easily accessed by Titans and Pilots from multiple entrances and dominated over.

Last Titan Standing
This map is small, meaning Last Titan Standing becomes too intense for individual brilliance. The deployment locations are pushed further from one another in this game mode as compared to Attrition, though they are more or less in the same region.

The Atlas chassis will excel here because it gives a fine mix of durability and speed – Stryders are too fragile and the Ogre are too slow to survive in such a small map.

You will however want to stick with your allies as much as possible in order to avoid being overwhelmed by multiple Titans at once. Getting Titans here is also fairly simple, since you can shoot away at the minions that busy themselves in the vicinity of the gorge.

The Turret will be a guardian angel for you throughout the match once you have activated it, so make sure you do so if you spawn near the Factory.

Taking the risk of disembarking the Titan to activate it is a well-worth risk, as you can actually bait enemies into following you within the range of the Turret.

The Armory and Delivery buildings are inaccessible by Titans, so most of the fighting will occur in the Cannon’s Building and the Factory.

You will want to have the 40mm Canon and the XO Chaingun for this map. Anything else is unnecessary and simply too slow. You should also consider the Cluster Missiles and the Big Punch kit for this map because of its close-quarters combat and requirement of sticking together.

Pilot Hunter
Pilot Hunter in Outpost 207 is fun, mainly because of the relatively small scale of the map. Snipers will have a lot of fun using the tall-standing Observatory and the generous viewing offered by the Cannon Building.

The top of the Factory is also an excellent area to snipe, though you might fall victim to a skilled sniper present on the Observatory.

But it’s not all about snipers in this map – the Armory and Delivery building along with the internals of the Factory are ideal places for shotgunners and SMG carriers to hangout, while medium-ranged shooters will enjoy the Cannon building and the regions around it.

The Armory however is fairly susceptible to snipers, so make sure you try to avoid poking your head out of the area for long periods of time.

The center of the map will naturally become congested, and you can utilize the minion fighting by reducing your Titanfall time. Titans in the map against players will cause havoc, especially in the most essential buildings, such as the Observatory, Factory, and Cannon.