Titanfall Lagoon Map Tips and Strategy Guide

The Lagoon map in Titanfall shows sandy beaches and wooden huts that make up a fishing village – a fishing village that fell victim to the conflicts between the IMC and the Militia, largely thanks to the massive IMC ship that still hovers of the entire region.

This map is large and has plenty of open regions, and is the ideal ground for towering Titans to display their dominance. This guide will aid you in getting through the toughest portions of the map, whether it’s in Attrition, CTF, or any other game mode.

Let’s have a look at the general overview of the map layout and design first. For more help on Titanfall, read our Best Titan Loadouts, Best Pilot Loadouts and How To Rank Generations Mode.

Titanfall Lagoon Map Tips

The Lagoon map is a mixture of open regions and various buildings with a typical fishing village styled setup. The center of the map features the Boathouse and Cliff house located near the sea, with the entire western region from there being the beach.

Going south of the Boathouse will result in finding the entrance of the Caves, while going east you’ll come across a small Communications Buildings. South of the Com building is a large Lockwood Building.

The southern part of the map is narrowed down and consists of several buildings with a tight open region to navigate to the northern area. You’ll find a Science Lab to the west of this narrow choke point, and adjacent to it is an arch that can be utilized by snipers.

The southernmost part of the map houses the large Temple, which marks the end of the map.

Ziplines connect various regions in this map, allowing for fast transition between one vital point to another, and also options for snipers to take some impressive shots.

The IMC start off near the Lockwood building while the Militia are deployed at the western beach. The Cliff house is the area where lots of minions will spawn, so position yourself early to take out as many and reduce the time for your Titanfall.

A good place to quickly move towards is the arch, which will not only give you a good view of the entire southern part of the map, but also a large part of the central and eastern regions.

Snipers should try to utilize this area as much as possible.

Try to get on top of the buildings as often as possible – apart from the Temple and a few others, there isn’t too much indoors to work with in this map, and its tightly packed design makes it difficult for players to avoid ziplines.

Standing on buildings will actually give you a chance at taking down pilots on the zipline.

When you get your Titan, you have the entire southern and western region you can dominate. The central and eastern part of the map are more cramped, so you will want to go into the heat of the battle and quickly move out to the west or south if things go against you.

For this reason, the Stryder and Ogre work the best; Ogre can sustain damage for long periods, while the Stryder chassis can move in and out of position quite fast.

Capture the Flag
The spawn points for the teams in CTF is the same as that in Attrition. Militia flag is located in the Boathouse, whiereas the IMC’s is housed in the Lockwood Building.

The ziplines in this map play a vital role for capturers, whereas the defenders should look to occupy the main buildings. Using the roof of the Lockwood building is a good idea for defense, but the Arch serves much better since it allows you to see majority of the map.

The region around the Temple is fairly redundant in CTF, so you might want to actually have someone stationed near the Science Lab and the caves to assist in both offense and defense.

When going for the flag in the Lockwood, you shout try and utilize the presence of a Titan. The flag is completely enclosed inside the building, and your best bet of infiltration is a fast Titan such as a Stryder alongside a set of offensive players.

Titans will play a vital role in CTF for Lagoon as they can add quite a bit in defending, offense, and also the anchor role in the middle to both defend and support the attack.

Hardpoint Dominaton
The spawn points for both factions in HP Domination is the same as that in Attrition and Capture the Flag.

Hardpoint A is located in the Lockwood building, Hardpoint B in the Boathouse, while Hardpoint C is in the Temple.

A and B are complete no-brainers and should be taken immediately by respective captions. From there one both the teams have two choices: head for C or be direct approached and attack the nearest hardpoint.

The latter is actually a more fruitful decision if your team has some quality players, and especially if you manage to acquire a Titan early on. An all-out assault on the Lockwood or Boathouse will be too overwhelming, forcing the other team to retreat towards the Temple.

The Temple’s entrance is severely choked after the Science Lab and Cave region. These two, along with the arch, are the only paths that converge just in front of the Temple, leaving no real options of flanking the building.

For this reason, if you’re having a hard time being direct, you should try to get the Temple and defend it with a Titan or two.

Two Titans and maybe a couple of Pilots will make this Temple nearly impregnable, and allow the rest of your team focus on the defense or retaking of one of the two other hardpoints.

Last Titan Standing
The spawn points for the factions are similar to the other game modes, though they are pushed a little further away from each other.

Last Titan Standing in Lagoon is unforgiving to on-foot pilots, so you want to make sure you get your Titan as quickly as possible in this map. Titans on this map will enjoy the luxury of open environment. Using the various buildings as cover is your best bet, treating this map like a an open region with a few obstacles (buildings) that can be used as cover.

The area around the Lockwood is ideal for team that spawns there to form a defensive setup with a few Titans, while the rest advance towards the enemy’s spawn region.

Additionally, for more stationary Titans, you will want to have the Plasma Railgun equipped on a couple of your allies (choose it yourself if no one has it). The large distances and relatively open environment allows you to take long-distance shots easily in this map.

Pilot Hunter
Pilot Hunter will have similar spawn locations as Attrition, but with both deployment regions pushed slightly south.

This game mode and map combination is a haven for snipers, as there are huge open areas and long distances to utilize. The arch and top of the Lockwood building are a couple of the many places that come into mind.

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by snipers, consider retreating towards the Cave and Temple while Cloaked – at the same time make sure you keep an eye out for snipers on the Arch and in the Science Lab.

If you do manage to get a Titan, you will want to make sure you are patrolling the choke point at the southern part of the map. There will probably be a lot of snipers here that you could take care of and make it easy for your teammates.

The Lockwood building is a useful area to acquire some minion kills and gain an upper hand on the enemy with reduced time on your Titanfall.

Also, make sure you avoid getting corned at the southern end of the map (Temple) in a group, as this can be absolutely devastating for your team if the enemy has a couple of beefy Titans (Ogres and Atlases).