Titanfall Fracture Map Tips and Strategy Guide

With an open environment, green fields and many buildings, Fracture lives true to its name as one can clearly see the scar of countless battles that make the map like it is.

Destroyed buildings and disturbed natural terrain makes Fracture a large map that tests your mettle, because there is something in it for nearly every kind of player. Those with few weaknesses will excel at this map, but those with even a few may perish.

This guide will give you general strategic tips to play various game modes in the Fracture map. But before that, let’s have an overview of Fracture.

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Titanfall Fracture Map Tips

The Fracture map is set in a mixed kind of a terrain, with fields of green, trees, and also numerous buildings. This map has something to offer for everyone, whether it’s a sniper or a close-combat shotgun wielder.

The northern part of the map holds the largest structure on Fracture, which is also the figurative central region. This is the Art Gallery. To the southeast of the Art Gallery is Refueling Station.

To the west of the Refueling station is a medium-sized Residential Building. Going south of the Residential building will bring you to the Security Building, and going further south will result in you encountering the Cliffs.

The west of the residential building is home to a set of terraces and elevated natural platforms, which are good choices as sniper positions.

Southwest of the Security building you’ll find a destroyed building structure, and to its west at the southwestern-most part of the map lies the Landing Pad.

In Attrition, the IMC faction is deployed near the Landing Pad, while the Militia start off north of the Art Gallery.

The minions of each faction will eventually lure the pilots to the Security Building and Residential area, which for the most part of the match would remain the regions with the most heat.

The nearby Destroyed Building south of the Security Building can actually be utilized by many medium to long ranged pilots to take out minions and even pilots from a distance.

Additionally, the hilltop and terraces located in the west part of the map are great areas for snipers to position themselves. However, it’s recommended that you keep yourself mobile, as many snipers and even assaulters will try to get to the top of these places to gain quick attrition points.

When you’re inside your Titan, make sure to avoid choke points such as the regions between the hilltops and destroyed buildings. Having a Titan come from the northern part of the map is actually a better idea than to force your way through the western regions.

Capture the Flag
In Capture the Flag, the Militia flag is found inside the Art Gallery, while the IMC’s is in the southwest portion of the Destroyed Buildings.

Because of this setup, the Militia have a major advantage as their flag is much harder to capture. Having snipers on the rooftop of the Art Gallery gives you a massive advantage, as you can overlook just about all points of advancement from the IMC’s side of things.

As for the IMC, they have the advantage to choke any Militia flag carrier, since the route back to the Art Gallery can be guarded by a set of Pilots and Titans in and near the Security Building, terraces, and Residential Building.

The Residential building however is more susceptible to fire because it is almost directly in front of the Art Gallery, so you should try and limit any capturer before he/she reaches that region.

The IMC can also deploy snipers on the almost empty southwestern region of the map to defend the flag from a distance, while SMG and shotgun carriers should look to defend at close range.

When on the offense, it’s best to have a Titan or two in the assault of an enemy base.

You would want to allow the Titan to charge in front, forcing the hand of the defenders near the flag and hence allowing you to spot them. The Atlas seems to be the best choice for offense in this map, as it offers a mix of good defenses and decent agility.

Hardpoint Domination
Hardpoint Domination in the Fracture map will have IMC starting at the Landing Pad, while the Militia start off in the Art Gallery.

Hardpoint A is located right on the Landing Pad, while Hardpoint C is inside the Art Gallery. Hardpoint B is all to play for, as it is located inside the Security Building.

Both teams have more or less equal chances in Hardpoint Dominaton; the Art Gallery offers the Militia countless regions to defend from, while the Landing Pad is so far away that the IMC can easily push forward without too much fear of losing hardpoint A.

The Militia can however reach the central point B very quickly, as it is closer to them. When you do have Titans, try to move between hardpoint B and C, patrolling the regions to ensure that no one is being ambushed.

For a defensive approach, I would recommend the Militia use the Ogre Titans, while the IMC’s end should look to utilize the Atlas model. Stryders in this map don’t work too well, since there are too many places you can be attacked from.

Maintaining control of points B and C should be utmost priority for the Militia, while the IMC should look to perform an all-out attack on C and then advance towards A to corner the enemies inside the Art Gallery.

Last Titan Standing
The Militia in Last Titan Standing start of east of the Art Gallery (just north of the Fueling Station), while the IMC are deployed west of the Landing Pads.

Although Ogres are well suited for defensive work in this map such as controlling points in Hardpoint Domination, you will want to rely on the faster Atlas and Stryder chassis models for LTS. This is because the Ogres are simply too slow to move about in a mode that emphasizes on Titan vs. Titan combat.

You will also want to avoid the usage of the Plasma Railgun, and instead look towards a mid-range weapon like the XO-16 Chaingun or Arc Cannon. These weapons will allow you to be mobile and also take out Titans from the range that most portions of this map offer.

Pilot Hunter
The spawn points for both the factions in Pilot Hunter are the same as the ones in Attrition.

For this mode, you will want your snipers to acquire as much high ground as possible, while the assaulters look to hold positions inside buildings. Walking out in the open in this map is suicidal, as there are simply too many places in the map for snipers to utilize.

The IMC should look to advance to the destroyed buildings, while the Militia should look to go towards the Residential and Security Buildings. The entirety of the fight will eventually converge to these couple of buildings, so getting as close as possible to them is essential.

Snipers should however look to utilize regions as the terrace, Refueling station, and the roof of the Art Gallery. These locations are excellent sniping positions. They can then pick out minions to lower their Titanfall time and call in a Titan early, eventually advancing towards the central regions of the map.