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Titanfall Demeter Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Demeter in Titanfall is the name of a map that focuses on the power plant facility. Plenty of techy buildings surround a massive reactor core, the center of attention in the map, and the center of all the heat (both figurative and literal).

The map emphasizes on the usage of Titans for controlling the externals, while Pilots will look to use the available pipes that run vertically across the map for quick movement.

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Titanfall Demeter Map Tips

The entirety of this map revolves around the Reactor Core, which is in the dead center, both geologically and in-terms of activity.

The Reactor Core itself is surrounded by several buildings. Three pipes run from the Core and are useful for quick movement north and south of the map; two of them extend south from the Core while one to the north.

A Substation also exists west of the Reactor Core, while to buildings, Marvin Repair (western building) and the Pipe Array (eastern building) are located south of the Core.

The eastern end of the map is home to the Loading Bay, while the northeastern region features the Landing Pads, of which one has a stealth bomber. To the north of the Reactor Core is the main Garage.

Everything converges to the central Reactor Core in this map, and it mainly comes down to moving in and out of the Core through and to the neighboring buildings and structures.

In Attrition, the Militia will spawn slightly west of the Marvin Repair building, while the IMC faction spawns near the Landing Pads.

The minions will generally move towards the Reactor Core, and instinctively players will as well. If you want to avoid a straight-forward fight, you should consider going to the area between the Garage and the Substation.

You’ll find plenty of minions here which you can kill to boost your score and reduce the time for your Titanfall.

Titans in this map majorly control everything that happens in the open. Aside from the buildings, there is enough space on the roads that run around the Reactor Core and Substation for Titans to patrol, and shooting into the various buildings if fairly easy.

The Stryder chassis is absolutely amazing in this map, allowing you to utilize the roads and open areas for quick hit-and-run tactics.

Snipers in this map will have a great time, as areas like the Marvin Building and top of the Reactor Core give you great viewing of a large part of the map, where you can pick off enemies and minions from.

When you actually are on the Reactor Core, consider getting on the northern pipe. This area gives you a great view of the Landing Pads, Garage, and Loading Bay.

Capture the Flag
The Militia in Capture the Flag start off at the Garage alongside their flag, while the IMC faction is deployed at the Marvin Repair building.

Capture the Flag in this map is very intense and very direct. Most of the other buildings become redundant, and it is mainly the Reactor Core, surrounding region, and the all-important Pipes that act as the most essential parts of the map.

The pipes are excellent for both capturing and defending. Running through the Reactor Core and on the pipes is the most direct way to get to and from the enemy flag base.

Because of this, as a defender you want to guard your flag from the area, while also having another player guard the entirety of the respective pipe as well.

You’ll often see Titans running around the Reactor Core and underneath the pipes.

If you’re standing on the pipes as a defender or assaulting the enemy base on it, Titans will be your worst enemies, particularly Stryders. Stryders are fast and agile, and can quickly close dispense of anyone on the pipes with some decent aiming.

The longer routes include going around the Reactor Core and using the neighboring buildings as cover. This will take longer, but it will certainly reduce your chances of getting crushed by a patrolling Titan.

As a defender, choosing to stay on the pipe for long periods of time may not be a good idea. Instead, you might want to try to push up high towards the enemy base. A great little strategy here is to simply lay down some Satchel Charges around the Flag and push forward.

If the flag is captured, immediately double-press the Reload button to detonate the Satchel Charges, guaranteeing a kill and a dropped flag.

When attacking, you’ll almost always want the assistance of a Titan. The Titan can help in clearing out the Pipes will staying on the ground, allowing you for a rapid and direct retreat to your own base while other friendly pilots cover you.

Hardpoint Domination
The deployment zones for both the Militia and the IMC in Hardpoint Domination for this map are the same as those in Attrition.

Hardpoint A is located near the Loading Bay. Hardpoint B is in the Reactor Core itself, making it the center of attention, while Hardpoint C is housed in the Marvin Repair building.

The most noticeable part of this setup is that Hardpoint B in the Reactore Core and C in the Marvin building are interconnected due to the southern pipe.

This pipe will make it easy for you to transition between B and C. Hardpoint A is somewhat isolated in this regard, which is why the recommended points to focus on are B and C.

The Militia initially have a massive advantage in Hardpoint Domination as they start off near Hardpoint C – a couple of players can capture the point without much trouble while the rest attack the Reactor Core.

IMC on the other hand would like to secure A as quickly as possible as it is closer from the Landing Pads than the Core. The rest should choose to move to the Core – just make sure you acquire higher ground quickly, since the Militia pilots will likely be on the pipe at the southern end of the Core.

During mid-game, Hardpoint A should only be assaulted with a Titan – the area is too open for pilots to take, and with the major concentration of the battle in the Reactor Core, you might want to utilize the presence of fellow Titans and form a small group to attack Hardpoint A.

Conversely, A is also defended best by Titans, though could have a few well-hidden pilots around the Loading Bay to assist your Titan defender.

If you’re looking to defend, I would recommend using the Ogre chassis – though it may be overwhelmed slightly by the faster speed of the attacking Stryders, it can withstand enough damage and allow Pilots and other Titans to deal a fair bit of damage.

In order to defend Hardpoint C you’ll want to watch the pipe and the Pipe Array. You should also have a Titan looking towards the north to prevent any ambush from near the Substation and Garage.

Last Titan Standing
Last Titan Standing in Demeter will have the Militia starting west of the Marvin Repair building, while the IMC are deployed at the easternmost end of the Landing Pads.

This mode in the Demeter map is all about reaching and controlling the Reactor Core. If you manage to do that fast enough with a Titan, the rest of your teammates can attack the other buildings of the map, while you can assist either one since the Core grants you easy access to almost any portion of the map.

However, if you start losing ground in the Reactor Core, it is recommended that you quickly retreat to another unattended building structure, as because of the multiple entrances and the central aspect of the Core building, it can become a massive death trap for you.

Stryders once again work wonders in this map because of their agility. You should have a few players in your team equipped with the Plasma Railgun to hunt down any Titan that would make the mistake of being on the streets.

Pilot Hunter
The deployment of the factions in this mode are the same as that in Attrition.

The theory of Pilot Hunter for the Demeter map remains almost exactly the same as the one for Last Titan Standing – the main focus would be to control the Reactor Core and its internal structure, allowing you easy access to all other locations of the map.

You can also defend the external areas of the Reactor Core from a distance with a sniper rifle. Use the pipes and buildings like the Substation to take long-ranged shots, and then quickly change positions so that you’re not spotted.