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Titanfall Corporate Map Tips and Strategy Guide

The Corporate map in Titanfall is a medium-sized modern facility that was once a robot factory. The area consists of numerous buildings, encouraging close-quarter combat and quick movement.

Players who have mastered quick movement and possess innately speedy reflexes will thrive in this map.

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Titanfall Corporate Map Tips

This modern and sophisticated looking map is a collection of state of the art buildings and a zigzag road that runs near them. The map’s overall tightened structure and heavy emphasis on building to building movement encourages close-quarter combat.

The center of the map holds the Roundabout, which connects with the main street road. West of the roundabout is the primary building structure (which itself is made up of multiple buildings). This building structure is made of the Boardroom to the north and Main Lobby to the south.

An Applied Robotics building also stands southwest of the Roundabout, which connects to the Office in the north via a Sky Bridge.

To the northeast of the eastern start of the road is the Café, which also neighbors the large building to the south, the Quality Control department.

The only real exposed areas in this map are the road and roundabout, making it a majorly indoors map. Thus, snipers who like to take things slow would actually have a relatively hard time in the Corporate labs.

Adept shotguns and SMG players will excel in this map, as the indoors provide plenty of cover and ample opportunities to move about.

A couple of ziplines also run from the Boardroom to the Café, making nearly all the buildings in the map connected in some way.

In Attrition, the IMC are deployed south of the Applied Robotics building while the Militia start off near the Office area in the north.

Both of the factions are more or less the same distance away from the central Roundabout, which acts as the main region of the map, and where the largest amount of firefighting and destruction occurs.

The buildings near the Roundabout are excellent choices for the handful of snipers that would play in this map. However, clever players will mostly look to move from building to building, remaining in the internal structures and avoiding the main street or the open area of the roundabout.

Another great area with plenty of opportunities to both score kills and evade is the Boardroom.

The sunroof can be used to escape when you’re being attacked, while the board room itself has plenty of cover and excellent opportunities to acquire some attrition points from the window. It also connects to the Café with a zipline if you wish to move to that location quickly.

As a Titan, you want to patrol the main road and the roundabout. Going inside the buildings alone is suicidal, so make sure you have at least a couple of eagle-eyed pilots or another friendly Titan accompanying.

Since this map doesn’t emphasize too much on speed, the Titan chassis that seems to work the best is the Ogre. However, Stryder and Atlas can do splendidly well too, but the Ogre’s added protection can make you a dominant force, especially inside buildings.

Capture the Flag
The deployments of the two factions for Capture the Flag is the same as seen in Attrition. The IMC flag is located in the Applied Robotics building, while the Militia flag is housed inside the Quality Control department.

Since the Militia flag is far away from their deployment, the IMC has a huge advantage to get their players into defensive positions quickly while a few others attempt to attack the Quality Control Department.

The department building itself has many entry and exit points, so if you can have a few players enter from different locations, you’ll be able to secure the flag and get out without much problem

The best way to actually defend the Quality Control Department is to patrol the main road and outskirt regions instead of staying put inside the building. Titans will work best in this case, though you would want to position a sniper on top of the Boardroom and Lobby to defend the position.

The IMC’s flag is very easy to defend, as it mostly requires the opponents to access it through the roundabout. Positioning a few snipers and assault rifle carriers on top of the Office will result in easy defending. As the attacker, you would want to ensure the roofs are clear before going in.

Dropping an auto Titan in the roundabout after you’ve acquired the flag is a good strategy, since Titans otherwise aren’t good enough in this map for capturing flags. This should keep remaining defenders busy and allow you room for escape.

Instead of using the main road and buildings, try using the outskirts in the south to deliver the captured flag to your base.

Hardpoint Domination
The deployment areas for both factions is the same as that in Attrition and Capture the Flag. The Hardpoints in this mode are located in the central regions of the map.

Hardpoint A is found in the roundabout, making it one of the more difficult ones to capture. Hardpoint B is inside the Main Lobby area, while Hardpoint C is located in the Quality Control department, making it one of the more difficult to defend.

The best strategy for both teams is to gain control of Hardpoint A as quickly as possible and assume defensive positions near it. The rooftops of the Design Office and the visibility from nearby buildings makes this point very easy to defend.

Hardpoint B can then be reached by the controllers of Hardpoint A easily if they manage a firm grip over the region (dropping Titans in the roundabout is an excellent choice).

If you fail to capture Hardpoint A, you will want to focus on dominating B and C.

The fact that Titans can move to the main road and back into the Lobby makes it easier to defend the outer regions of the two. However, defending the interals of Hardpoint C’s Quality Control department is hard, so the best method to do so is prevention of access to any enemy.

When you are actually entering into Hardpoint B’s location with a Titan, make sure to use Electric Smoke and have the assistance of a few pilots, since this place is tightly packed and can be bothersome for a Titan alone.

Once you have captured both, just keep one Titan (preferably Ogre) outside on the main road that is between the Quality Control and the Lobby. You can then defend QC department and enter inside the Lobby at will.

Last Titan Standing
This map isn’t friendly to Titans because of the cramped space and tight internal structures of the buildings. The deployments of the factions are more or less the same, except they are slightly pushed further apart.

The roundabout is an absolute death trap for any Titan who enters into it alone, as you’re likely to be destroyed within a few seconds by enemy Titans and pilots in the vicinity.

Rodeo attacking from these locations is also easy for pilots.

When you are entering in the buildings, make sure you’re never alone, as walking into multiple enemy Titans inside the building will spell your doom. The structures are too cramped to make quick maneuvers inside Titans, so make sure you infiltrate the buildings in groups rather than single-handed.

Pilot Hunter
The deployment of the factions for this game mode are the same as that in Attrition and Capture the Flag.

When playing Pilot Hunter, make sure you have a suppressor on, especially in this map, since hunting minions to reduce your Titanfall time is an absolute essentiality.

Obtaining a Titan early on in this map can be a huge advantage, since all the places are and buildings are close to one another, and you can quickly acquire a few kills if you’re the only Titan on the ground. Thus, try to get as many minion kills initially as possible.

You might have to take the risk of going directly to the roundabout for doing this, but it would be well worth it as this area will provide you with plenty of pilots to kill once you manage to get your hands on a Titan.

Once again, the Ogre chassis works splendidly well in this mode, allowing you to move about inside the buildings and take out enemy pilots without taking too much damage.

Speed isn’t an issue because you’ll never be able to move quickly enough in the buildings of the map, so you should definitely beef up your chassis choice to dominate as a Titan in Pilot Hunter.