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Titanfall Colony Map Tips and Strategy Guide

The Colony map in Titanfall is a set of medium-height buildings with a main road running in between. For Titans, these buildings and walls provide as cover, whereas Pilots will enjoy the luxury of jumping from roof to roof and shooting from windows.

This tactically challenging map emphasizes on close quarters combat, but snipers can utilize some of the tall buildings to gain an advantage over foes who would rather stroll through the streets and shelter themselves in building internals.

Here’s a general strategic guide for on how you should go about in the Colony map, covering all the game modes.

But first, let’s have a look at the map structure in the overview. For more help on Titanfall, read our Pilot Loadouts, Titan Loadouts and Anti-Titan Weapons Guide.

Titanfall Colony Map Tips and Strategy

A long main-road cuts through the center of the Colony map from east to west. The central building on the map is the Supply Rations, neighbored by the towering Town Hall to the west.

Across the main road from the Town Hall is the Quickstop building, and if you move towards the west you’ll find yourself near the Blackwell Store.

The eastern end of this street features the Family House, and going further east from there will bring you to the Garage.

The Town Hall and the Supply Rations are flanked to the south by the Anderson Graining, another tallish building that provides good viewing for snipers and recons.

To the west of the Anderson Graining you’ll find the Fall Bar.

One building isolates itself from all these, and rightly so since it is the Power Station, located far northwest of the Quickstop building.

Majority of the action in this map takes place in and around the buildings that are close-by to the main road. The Town Hall in particular is an area that many players would get attracted to, like moth to a flame.

What makes the central part of the map such a high density battle zone is the fact that the northern and southern portions of the map are divided by the main road. There are very few ways to get across from the north portion to the south (and vice versa) without exposing yourself on the main road.

Utilizing the rooftops and keeping control of the aforementioned buildings is the key to success in this map.

The Militia start off west of the Blackwell Store while the IMC are deployed east of the Gridion Garage. At the start off the match the minions will automatically lead you to the central region of the map: the Quickstop building and Supply Rations.

While it’s nearly suicidal to go along with the minions on the ground, you can actually use the heavy fighting in the center to your own advantage. Move from building to building and use the indoor windows to blend your firing with the minions, and you’ll be tough to notice.

Most of the minions though will go from building to building, making it difficult especially if you’re actually looking to hunt real players. In such cases, you should utilize the rooftops of the buildings.

The cramped nature of the map layout can make it a bit difficult for snipers to spot enemies easily, but if you can manage to get on the Town Hall or other tall building.

The ideal strategy is to actually utilize the buildings on the perimeter of the colony, allowing you to overlook the most essential central structures and easily pick out player on the main road.

You would want to utilize your Ordnance here to clear out buildings as much as possible. Windows provide a lot of protection to players shooting from within buildings, so the easier solution than precision shooting is to throw in a grenade.

Similarly, you could lay out mine traps if you’re in a building wishing to prevent others from infiltrating it.

Capture the Flag
The deployment locations of the Militia and the IMC in Capture the Flag is the same as that in Attrition. The Militia flag is located south of the Blackwell store, while the IMC’s is near the Gridion Garage.

Ideally the main road in the center connects both the flags. Unfortunately, taking such a straightforward route is nearly impossible without heavy confrontation.

When using a Titan, try to act as an anchor to defend the flag and to facilitate your assault. Defending is very easy with the Titans, and if you’re willing to play more of an anchor role you should consider the Ogre chassis to beef up your defenses.

If you’re carrying the flag as a Titan, you don’t want to get caught between the buildings.

You’ll thus need to take the long route outside the colony building premises. This can obviously be riskier, but you’re less likely to encounter multiple enemy Titans with this kind of an approach.

Another great technique to defend your flag and also to accompany your attack would be to get on the Town Hall. The tallness of the building allows you to overview both the Gridion Garage area and also the Militia flag. This works better if you’re a sniper with excellent aim.

Hardpoint Domination
The deployment locations for both the factions is the same as that in Attrition and Capture the Flag. The Hardpoint Dominations are: south of the Blackwell Store (C), near Quickstop building (B), and the Gridion Garage (A).

Obviously the Quickstop will be the first objective for the Militia, whereas the IMC will attempt to take control of the Gridion Garage hardpoint. Hardpoint B is all to fight for.

The Militia actually has a huge advantage here as they can get quickly to B and close access for the IMC by occupying the neighboring buildings. Hardpoint C is very difficult to capture for the IMC spawn, so they will need to go all-out in order to make a successful attempt at B.

The real issue with Hardpoint Domination in this map is that Titans cannot reach any of the points, since they are either located within buildings or are beyond the reach. However, as with Hardpoint Domination in general, Titans play a massive role in the control of the game, and can really set up an assault on or the defending of a hardpoint.

Using Cluster Missiles for your Titan is an excellent choice in this game mode, as it allows you to use them to shoot within windows. The missiles will create medium explosions on impact, killing anyone near the hardpoint.

Another be problem with this map is that many of the hardpoints are accessible in multiple ways. For this reason, you would want to use Arc Mines to secure all possible entries (window openings in particular).

Last Titan Standing
For the Last Titan Standing game mod, the Militia will start off in the northwestern part of the move, north of the Power Station, while the IMC deploy in the far east portion of the map.

The main emphasis of this map is on the rooftops, but when using Titans that option is no longer there.

However, the tight buildings and walls that form the colony provide excellent cover for Titans, allowing for a classic cover-to-cover battle duel. Your main objective as a team should be to gain control of the center of the map as quickly as possible.

Both of the teams start fairly far away from the central buildings, but whoever can manage to get there first will have a massive advantage, as they can close off access to the opponents and restrict them to one part of the map. This will also open up chances to flank as well.

If your Titan gets destroyed, try to seek refuge in one of the buildings.

Remember, this is Last Titan Standing, and most players will be just searching for Titans to take out. This can give you an advantage as a Pilot, and with the right decisions and timing you can actually perform a surprise rodeo. Just make sure you have a friendly Titan nearby when you do.

Pilot Hunter
In Pilot Hunter, the deployment zones for the two factions is the same as the one for Attrition, CTF, and Hardpoint Domination.

One of the best tactics in this map is to hang about near the Town Hall, especially if you are using a sniper weapon. Use the Town Hall building’s height as a vantage point to take out a couple of enemies from a distance.

However, staying on this building once you’ve actually managed to get a kill isn’t a good idea, so make sure you choose to change your position. Keeping yourself around the Town Hall and the Fall Bar should give you enough opportunities to have a go at enemy Pilots.