Sony Santa Monica Celebrating God of War: Ascension Anniversary With Free DLC Week

Sony Santa Monica is celebrating one year of God of War: Ascension with free gifts. Thanking the players, Sony Santa Monica announced that all the Multiplayer DLCs (Weapons and Armor) will be free to download for the whole week. Other Paid items like the Experience Boosters will recieve 50% discount.

Alongwith the free DLC and discounted XP boosts,  Kratos’ signature tattoo and a special cape with  “Santa Monica Studio” logo on it  will be awarded to players for registering on the official forums. The anniversary Mark and Cape will be available only for a short time and will not be made available after the event.

The studio posted an image charting all the top players since the release of God of War Ascension in categories as Most XP gained, Most Kills, Most Deaths and Time spent in-game.

god of war