Smite Officially Launches With New Cinematic Trailer

Smite, the third-person MOBA title from Hi-Rez Studio, has finally launched today, alongside a new cinematic teaser trailer in an act of celebration.

In Smite players choose deities and gods from a variety of mythologies such as Norse, Greek and Hindu. In itself it is your average MOBA-themed game, with five players on each side and three lanes in total on the map. The objective is of course to go through the defending turrets and reach the other team’s base where their core must be destroyed.

Yes it’s similar except for the fact that players play from a third-person perspective rather than from above. In a way it’s also a hybrid shooter since players must also lay emphasis on aiming, dodging and strafing.

Smite has been in open beta since January 2013 and since then has gained in popularity. According to Hi-Rez Studio, it is also their most fastest-growing game to date.

You can download the game for free by visiting its official website.