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PS Vita 3.10 Update Adds Many New Features

In the latest Playstation Blog post, the newest Playstation Vita 3.10 update is laid out. It has a surprising amount of additional content that could improve the performance of many users of the handheld device.

First up, over 100 applications can now be put on the Home Screen, with the limit going to 500 icons. Maybe that’s a bit much, but at least you can dream big.

For social contacts, you’ll now be able to record and send out voice messages. Since the Playstation 4 has this function too, this application transfers to console users as well.

For the smaller audience, the PS Vita will have improved parental control, with a slider to detect age. This can restrict access to the Playstation Store, so you don’t need to worry about your credit card suddenly getting charged.

In a Calendar app, you’ll be able to set up events with your friends. This also syncs with Google Calendar for added functionality. You can also invite and share by using Messages and Email.

In data management, you’ll now be able to look through your usage with the Manage Content on Memory Card option. Since space on the PS Vita doesn’t come cheap, this may be an extra nice slice of pie.

For Music, you’ll be able to look for content through a connected device, like a PC. Videos can now be sorted by size.

Photos can be rotated automatically by using the tilt sensor. Panoramic mode has received Freeform.

Entering standby has an option for 30 minutes and Daylight Saving can be adjusted automatically.

Any particular feature you’re most pleased with for your PS Vita? Let us know in the comments.