Project Christine Could Reinvent PC Gaming, But Razer is Struggling with OEMs

CES 2014 brought forth a modular PC concept from Razer in the shape of Project Christine. The device would come with mineral oil cooling and come with slots where you could remove any piece of hardware whenever you wanted.

The idea was honestly different and apart from the fears of a highly priced machine, there is nothing that would stop it from being a hit. Yet, the manufacturer of Project Christine is in troubles.

CEO of Razer Min Liang Tan was interviewed recently where he shared his opinion about the attitude that OEMs have towards new ideas saying that they had no room for innovation.

He explained the fuss by giving an example where they go to manufacturers looking to innovate but they respond with more questions about the financial aspects and profit making:

We’re trying to talk to some of the other PC manufacturers about it because I think the difference for us is that we are really focused on our user, right,” Tan said in an interview with Polygon. “We’ve been trying to speak to other OEMs and I think the response has been generally, ‘OK, what’s the forecast for this? How many units are you going to ship? What are the margins?’ and stuff like that where we’re being very open with them to say, ‘Look, we don’t know.

In Tan’s words, Razer’s approach towards Project Christine is a lot different from how OEMs see the manufacturer of a new product. He says that the problem is the market for PC in general because it doesn’t reward innovation. In fact it rewards ‘mediocre, shitty projects’ and even if Razer doesn’t want to make a penny out of it, the manufacturers would still follow their own cycle of profit making.

Check out the Project Christine concept trailer above and tell us what do you think about the project?