New Planetside 2 Video Provides Roadmap of What’s Coming

In a new video, Matt Higby the creative director of Planetside 2 provides few details on what the upcoming updates will bring to the game.

First of all, the game will receive a new aerial vehicle Valkyrie which is a fast-attack aircraft and can help the players in deploying a small squad rather quickly. Moreover, it will receive some balance changes for all the weapons, 64-bit support and also melee weapon updates.

In the update coming in May, the game will get two new continents called Hossin and locking and it will do some tweaks to the medic class.

Also the updates will give you more mission types like Air Strike, Air Superiority, Anti-Armor, Armor Support and the ability to request for reinforcement.

SOE has been working their socks off on Planetside 2 to bring the best experience for the players’ to the table. At the start of the year they promised to bring in regular updates for the players. They have been doing so and that is helping the game in fixing some of the bugs and balancing issues.

Planetside 2 is available to play on PC right now and will come out on the PlayStation 4 sometime this year. For more information on what is coming to the game, visit the game’s official website.

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