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Nvidia Announces Pascal GPUs for 2016; Shows Off New Titan Z

Nvidia outlined its future hardware plans in its GPUTech conference today; where the company’s chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang announced their next GPU called Pascal and also showed off their upcoming beast of a card, the GeForce GTX Titan Z.

The new Pascal technology will not be available until 2016 and utilizes start of the art computing to recreate the architecture of traditional graphic cards by replacing the PCI Express bus and combining it with a new 3D memory technology.

The new Titan Z though is going to be released later this year and is part of the Pascal family. Starting at a huge $3,000 price tag, the Titan Z is designed not only for gaming at 5K resolution, but also for rendering images, producing photo-realistic images through workstations, and meeting just about any other professional need. Nvidia calls it a “$50,000 virtual computing machine.”

The device has 5,760 CUDA cores, or processors that can handle both computing and graphics tasks. The card has two Kepler-based graphics processing units, or GPUs, and 12GBs of video memory.

In a demonstration, Huang showed the card being used to pump out an Unreal Engine show-reel that featured some ultra-realistic lighting and shadows.

“This is the future of computer graphics,” he said.