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New information on Batman: Arkham Knight Surfaces Via OXM

After Rocksteady announced the addition of the Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight, the final chapter in the Batman Arkham Series a few weeks ago, more news of the widely anticipated title has been making its way to the public. This time it came from the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine in UK.

OXM’s team shared their impressions in the cover story after they were shown the demo. The team lauded the seamless transition of the CGI Cinematic to In-game action, how visually spectacular the game is; from the rain on batman’s cape down to the reflections of the lights puddles.

The city is much more vibrant and alive as compared to the dull and closed off city shown in Arkham City. The game takes place in Gotham Proper, which is inhabited by people other than the criminals.

The combat has been upgraded whilst maintaining the original combat gameplay that fans have come to love. An example was the ability to attack an enemy as soon as you countered him as well as grabbing another and throwing him at another enemy.

The Batmobile is, visually, a combination of the original sleek Batmobile and the tanky Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. Other than being impervious to bullets, the batmobile can smash through any obstacle be it stone, concrete or steel.

The team has gone to great length to make the Batmobile feel as awesome as it looks. Inside, the batmobile has no mini-map, a deliberate design choice to make the player look around him as he navigates to the next objective instead of focusing on the minimap.

The lack of minimap is compensated by the ability to set waypoints which will form tyre-tracks on the road to indicate which direction to turn to.

Sefton Hill indicated that the game will not be just one main storyline and lots of side-quests that only serve as side-dishes to the main course, instead the side-quests in the game will blend in with the overall story. All loose ends from Arkham City will be dealt with in Arkham Knight such as Hush’s “Identity Theft” and Azrael’s Prophecy about Gotham’s Doom.

Barbra Gordon will be returning as The Oracle, there was a brief reference of The Killing Joke during one of Batman and Barbra’s conversation. The Killing Joke is widely known as one of the best Batman comic in the series as well as the controversial ending where some fans argue that Batman actually killed The Joker instead of handing him to the police.

Initially the fans thought Arkham Knight referred to Batman, it was later announced that Arkham Knight is actually a new villain created specifically for the final chapter. His costume is a mix of Batman, Prometheus, Wrath as well as Jason Todd.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set to release in 2014 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.