Nintendo: Mario Kart 8 Launch Date Has Not Changed

Mario Kart 8 is certainly one of the most anticipated titles to launch on Wii U in 2014.

Earlier this year, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata confirmed that Mario Kart will be available globally in May, 2014.

However, at Amazon’s eStore, the game is listed for sale with shipping time frame being two to four weeks which kind of hints that the game has hit an early release. According to this, the release date becomes somewhere near mid-April if you order it right now.

To confirm its authenticity, one of the NeoGAF users decided to talk to Amazon Customer Support. The person on the live chat confirmed that the product is already released and will indeed be shipped in 2-4 weeks.

Nintendo, on the other hand, has completely denied all of this. While speaking to IGN, a Nintendo representative stated that the release date of Mario Kart 8 has not been changed. This obviously means that Amazon is mistaken regarding this issue.

The launch date of Mario Kart 8 has not changed.

As to why Amazon was insisting on shipping the game within two to four weeks is still a mystery. It is possible that they did not receive the correct dates and listed the game by mistake.

Whatever the case be, Mario Kart 8 is slated to release on May 30, 2014 exclusively on Wii U.

In related news, Mario Kart 8 will feature seven Koopalings as playable character and will feature a novel feature called Mario Kart TV which will enable players to share exciting moments of their races using Miiverse.