Konjak’s The Iconoclasts Gets Carver Boss Gameplay Video

Animator Joakim Sandberg, also known for the name “Konjak,” released a video with gameplay of The Iconoclasts. This is a 2D action game that has been in development on and off for quite some time.

In the footage, we see a boss fight sequence against something called a Carver. It appears like a sort of worm, burrowing through a circular trench with the player’s character trapped within.

You’ll need to defeat the boss while staying mobile within the confines of the circle. To move around, it’s possible to attach to a rail set in the middle of the tunnel.

For the boss itself, you’ll need to strike its weak spot, locating on a front-mounted saw blade. One of the teeth of the blade is missing, exposing the machine’s core.

During the exposed sequence, there may also be some other, smaller enemies thrown at you.  After that, the boss goes into overdrive. To overcome the higher speed, you can charge up, which lets you slide around the railing faster.

Other designs in The Iconoclasts include a shooting mechanism that either fires in rapid succession or lobs a more powerful explosive.

At the end of the clip, we see another section where the boss ends up on a different railing. It may indicate a second part of the Carver fight.

The Iconoclasts is a project Sandberg has been tinkering on in between spells of other professional work. Sandberg is known for excellent pixel art design and is responsible for games such as Noitu Love 2: Devolution, currently available on Steam.