Guild Wars 2 Adds Wardrobe Tab On April 15 To Look Cool

In an upcoming update, roleplaying game (RPG) Guild Wars 2 will launch a Wardrobe system that allows for entire accounts to customize their look more freely. Ok, it’s not exactly a gameplay addition this one time, but it counts nonetheless.

A great appearance can be a part of one’s enjoyment of a game and since the massively multiplayer online (MMO) title has you running around for hours, you want to do that with style. With the Wardrobe system, it will be easier to look good than it ever was before.

On April 15, a few new tabs will be added to the Hero panel. Here, it will be possible to look at a certain piece of equipment and alter the look of a character without losing your stats.

Changes will be applied by putting in Transmutation charges, but any look can be previewed before deciding to go through with it.

Items skins are unlocked simply by collecting them in the game. Any item appearance will become available for any character on the account.

This is also true for color dyes. Any collected color will become available in a separate tab.

There’s even a compendium for all the possible gear in the game. This will allow you to check out all the different looks available in Guild Wars 2.

In the accompanying blog post, it’s said that the Wardrobe system will still have room for growth later on, stating:

Our plan is to continue augmenting the Wardrobe system, and our current design opens up a lot of possibilities to do that in the future.

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